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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Fuhrer furore! Thai student Nazi dress-up day causes outrage

 I'd like to think that this could have happened anywhere but there is something about Thais, probably their lack of travel which brings about a certain culatural unawareness, that makes you think - "Ah! Another size nine cultural cock up!"

Bad taste: A girl strides into her school at Chiang Mai dressed as Adolf Hitler, seemingly oblivious to the offensiveness of her costume

They had been meticulously planning their costumes for quite some time.The annual summer sports day had a long tradition of fancy dress and, eager to impress, the pupils of Sacred Heart Catholic School kept their outfits under wraps for weeks.

They wanted to surprise their parents and teachers as they made their entrance at the school in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. And surprise them they did. With a flourish and a fanfare, they revealed their costumes - to outraged gasps from the crowd.

Shock: Smiling pupils carrying a Swastika flag were met with horror from foreign parents and teachers, who were left reeling at the bad taste of the procession

The smiling pupils arrived at the school dressed in full Nazi regalia and carrying large Swastika flags, leaving foreign parents and teachers open-mouthed. Leading the march into the sports ground was a girl dressed as Adolf Hitler - complete with toothbrush moustache - seemingly unaware of the offence she had caused.

She was followed by a procession of pupils dressed as SS guards - brandishing plastic machine guns. Stunned ex-pats were appalled. Surely the pupils were aware of what the Swastika and Nazis represented?

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