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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Missing sailor found inside shark off Jaws beach

Now there's a way to go out in style...well...sort of! Yuk though, being eaten by a shark and all that saliva over you as you descend into its guts! Ok, on second thoughts...

Upon opening up a tiger shark, the remains of a sailor who disappeared off Jaws beach in the Bahamas, where the final film in the Jaws franchise was filmed, have been found inside. Fingerprints were used by authorities to identify Judson Newton, who was last seen on 29 August swimming for shore after his boat's engine stalled. It was his body body found inside the 3.6 metre (12ft) fish's belly.

"An investment banker on a deep-sea fishing trip caught the shark on 4 September. He said a left leg came out of its mouth as it was hauled on to his boat. When police sliced the belly open they found a right leg, two arms and a torso."

I can just see that Type A personality banker now - out hunting for tuna or marlins and finding something that defies all explanation. Try finding adjectives to describe that catch.

It's definitely one of them there sea shanty tales to tell your grandchildren like Uncle Albert used to in Only Fools and Horses. "Well, I was on a boat and I hauled in this great monster shark, as big as the moon, and then just as he pops on deck, a sailor falls out of his mouth!"

If you told that story, nobody would believe you!

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