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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Grandmother goes to bed with migraine... and wakes up speaking with a French accent

What would you do if you went to bed and woke up speaking another, completely foreign, language? Or rather, speaking the same language but with a foreign accent? It's hard to think that such things happen, but that they most certainly do!

A grandmother who went to bed suffering from a migraine was amazed to wake up speaking with a French accent. Kay Russell, 49, is now left with a voice that is unrecognisable to family and friends. Doctors say she has Foreign Accent Syndrome, a condition which damages the part of the brain that controls speech and word formation.

Can you imagine how many of your work colleagues and family would be bullshitting you for days because they simply refused to believe you?

"Oh God, Kay, not still speaking French again are we? You know we're not falling for that one right? Give it over, honestly!"

They must have been mortified when they realised that she wasn't putting it on as a stunt or anything, like the people who make jokes about handicapped people and find one right in front of them. (This actually happened to the Scottish comedian, Frankie Boyle, at a show in London. He was taking the piss out of handicapped people and there were two handicapped people right in front of him in the front row who started crying.) that the time, must be off!

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