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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Sucker for soccer: octopus predicts World Cup finalist

You couldn't make this up and has to rank as a crazy story - a British born octopus in Germany called Paul has correctly predicted the results of a number of the World Cup games?

Spain's victory over Germany in the World Cup last night will come as no surprise to those following one of the competition's most successful pundits – for the result had already been foretold by Paul the Octopus, a creature that has achieved celebrity status with the accuracy of its predictions.

Dubbed the psychic octopus, the English-born Paul (hatched at the Sea Life Park in Weymouth) has correctly predicted all of Germany's World Cup results including the 1-0 defeat last night. He predicted Germany's wins against England and Argentina, and even Serbia's defeat of Germany in the group stage.

Such is the popularity of his selections that, on the eve of last night's game, the German news channel n-tv broadcast Paul's prediction live.

What will we have next? A chimpanzeee who can plat chess and beat Grand Masters? A one-legged gerbil that can perform keyhole surgery? A cat that can tell when rabbits are lying?

What is the world coming to eh?

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