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Friday, 2 July 2010

Ageing - New genetic test can predict your chances of living to 100, claim scientists

Just as we always knew- you can drink like a fish, copulate like a rabbit, smoke like a chimney, but what really determines how long you live is how good your genes are - or so says a report into the correlation between length of life and your genes.

"A genetic test that can predict whether a person is likely to live long enough to see their 100th birthday has been developed by scientists. Researchers at Boston University claim the test can identify those who can look forward to an exceptionally long life with 77% accuracy. They designed the test after a major study into the genetic makeup of centenarians highlighted a host of DNA variants that boost a person's chances of reaching a ripe old age."

So that old geezer you used to see down the pub every night knocking back the Guinness and smoking like ciggies were about to be banned wasn't such an idiot after all. he was just lucky - he had good genes. His brothers and sisters also probably enjoyed the same predisposition to be able to avoid regular illness and chronic ailments related to old age, too.

"Many of the genetic markers the scientists found stave off common, and often lethal, age-related diseases, such as heart disease, dementia and high blood pressure. The US researchers investigated the genetic secrets of a longer life after studies showed that living beyond 100 often runs in families."

Ok, gotta go now. Off to the pub and to buy a pack of Marlboro on the way!

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