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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Chaos as Saudi students run free

Everyone likes to let off a bit of steam at the end of term or semester, but this is ridiculous! While students in western schools have been know to play the occasional prank, some of the misdeeds done by Saudi youths leave you gasping with shock! For example, as well as pouring sugar down the petrol tanks of their teachers, they look for sneaky ways to damage their cars too by letting the air out of the tires or even damaging the brakes.

Surely this is more than "Boys will be boys!" Shredded books, torn papers and smashed cars were the scenes outside both government and private schools after students finished their final exams in Saudi Arabia. The chaotic sights represent the schoolboys’ freedom from having to study and getting closer to the end of school year.
“My friends and I usually shred our school books into small pieces to celebrate the ending of the school year and finishing a certain subject,” said Mohammed Omar, a high school student at a private school in Jeddah. “This is a way to express the end of having to lock ourselves in our rooms to study and stress over school subjects,” he added.
Finals are the most difficult time of the year for school managements and cleaners according to a public school supervisor, Khalid Al-Jehani.
“We expect the chaos and we prepare for it around this time of the year because we have been dealing with it for a really long time now and we know this will never change,” he said. “We tried telling the students many times that the only people who suffer are the cleaners because they have to pick up the pieces of paper that are scattered around the school yard,” he added. 
When I was at school, the worst thing we did was let off a stink bomb in assembly, or knock on a  teacher's door and run away. What has become of today's youth? In other countries, this would be met with police being called and statements being taken regarding criminal damage to school property, but in Saudi Arabia, it seems that this is considered normal behaviour as it happens without fail at the end of every year! Surely this is more than "Boys will be boys!"

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