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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Rearly, girls! How unedifying that our brightest and most privileged students should want to display themselves like this

Talk about making an ass of yourself! It seems that these over indulged young ladies, born with a proverbial "silver spoon" in their mouths, and with every opportunity going for them at Cambridge University, have been up to no good. What would entice anyone to strip to their underwear, post photos of their behinds, and submit them into a competition just to get attention? Are they really that shallow and bereft of male admirers that they have to resort to this to feel better about themselves?

Reaching for success: The Tab story as it appeared online

They are the cream of the academic crop, the brightest young minds in Britain. But when it comes to extracurricular activities, these Cambridge students appear to have hit rock bottom. While their predecessors have amassed dozens of Nobel prizes and other intellectual accolades, the current crop of undergraduates is focusing on a rather less taxing competition – rear of the year.

Female students at the university have submitted risque photographs of their behinds in the hope of clinching the title. They insist it is innocent fun – and male classmates are quick to agree – but critics have accused them of harming the feminist cause and the university’s reputation. 

When you think about how much women have had to give up and in some cases are still fighting for equality, you have to wonder why some of the brightest minds in the country are belittling themselves as well as denigrating the causes of their mothers for such an inane and stupid reason? In order to get attention for their arses? It's insane and ridiculous and little more than soft porn! These girls should know better but sadly don't.

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