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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Happy Christmas! Mystery man hands out wads of £50 notes in supermarket after 'coming into some money'

Now that's what I call a nice story that warms the cockles of your heart!
When a man handed out envelopes to supermarket shoppers on Christmas Eve, most people thought he was advertising an in-store promotion. He slipped the letters into trolleys and baskets, wishing  customers a merry Christmas before moving swiftly on. But the envelopes weren’t filled with vouchers or adverts – they each contained a £50 note.

One lucky shopper at the Tesco store in Sampford Peverell, Devon, said yesterday that the envelopes also held a letter, with the following message: ‘Happy Christmas. I have recently been fortunate enough to have come into quite a lot of money – more than I need for myself and my family. So I thought that I would share some of it with other people – the £50 enclosed is for you.

‘I hope this enables you to have a little extra cheer this Christmas. You do not have to do anything other than spend the money – and it is real, there is no trick, no hidden cameras or catch. Just have a happy Christmas.’

The recipient, a retired teacher, said that after leaving the store he took the cash to the bank, where staff confirmed it was a genuine banknote. ‘The man just smiled, wished us a merry Christmas and was on his way,’ he said.

‘I am sure he was giving out other envelopes and it’s such an incredible gesture.’ He admitted that he and his wife nearly threw the blank envelope away. ‘I’m glad we didn’t,’ he added.

Luke Davies, the supermarket’s manager, said the grey-haired mystery benefactor had made quite an impression. ‘Several customers have mentioned him,’ he said.
‘I don’t know why he would do it, but if it’s what it appears to be it’s a very generous thing to do.’

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