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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Wi-Fi laptops may damage sperm? Give over!

Before we heard that cell phones can cause cancer. Now we are told that Wi-Fi laptops may damage sperm? Has the world gone mad or what?

Wi-fi laptops may damage sperm
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Sperm samples placed beneath a laptop with a wireless internet connection for just four hours were found to have reduced motility and more DNA damage compared with other samples stored under the same conditions but away from the laptop.

The study, published in the journal Fertility and Sterility, collected sperm samples from 29 healthy men, aged 26 to 45. Each of the samples were then separated into two pots.
One set of samples was placed beneath a laptop connected to the internet via Wi-Fi as it downloaded information, while the other set was stored under identical conditions - including temperature - but away from the computer.

The researchers found that exposure to the laptop resulted in a significant decrease in sperm motility and a significant increase in DNA fragmentation. Around 25 per cent of the sperm in samples exposed to the laptop stopped swimming compared with 14 per cent of those kept away from the computer. Similarly around nine per cent of the sperm exposed to the laptop showed DNA damage compared with three per cent in the control samples.

So there you have it. Get a desktop!

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