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Friday, 9 September 2011

University Challenge contestant got 'offensive' remarks

Why is it that we judge attractive women using a different criteria? It does seem at times that men can be both good looking and handsome but not women. A number of former University Challenge contestants have reportedly fallen victim to unwanted attention after being on the television quiz show. One of them, Marine Debray, told BBC Breakfast she was not expecting to see the amount of offensive remarks about her that subsequently appeared on internet forums.

Why then is she held to a different and probably higher standard than say a male counterpart? Could it be that despite the 35-40 years of Feminism, men still cannot get their heads around the fact that a woman can actually compete with them intellectually and in fact should by all accounts be instead at home washing their dishes and ironing their clothes? "Ug ug" said the man in the cave!!

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