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Friday, 16 September 2011

Eyelid marks warn of heart attack

It's amazing what science throws up every now and then. The latest is that yellow markings on the eyelids are a sign of increased risk of heart attack and other illnesses, say researchers in Denmark.

A study published on the BMJ website showed patients with xanthelasmata were 48% more likely to have a heart attack. Xanthelasmata, which are mostly made up of cholesterol, could be a sign of other fatty build-ups in the body.

Cardiologists said the findings could be used by doctors to help diagnose at-risk patients.
The research team at the Herlev Hospital in Denmark started following 12,745 people in the 1970s. At the start of the study, 4.4% of patients had xanthelasmata.

Thirty three years later, 1,872 had had a heart attack, 3,699 had developed heart disease and 8,507 had died - and the data showed that those with the yellow markings around the eyes were at greatest risk. Those with the markings were 48% more likely to have a heart attack, 39% more likely to have developed heart disease and 14% more likely to have died during the study.

The authors believe patients with xanthelasmata may be more likely to deposit cholesterol around the body. A build up of fatty material in the walls of arteries - known as atherosclerosis - leads to stroke and heart attack.

Now you know!

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Johni said...

This is shocking to hear about.

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ADHD in Teenagers said...

There is no simple test to determine if a child has Aspergers, and it takes someone well trained in recognizing symptoms to tell you for sure

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Urban Crazy Man said...

Sorry, just saw your posts.

I think anything that helps indicate a predisposition towards illness is to be taken notice of.