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Saturday, 23 April 2011

When not to dye but grow old gracefully

What is it about many people including celebrities who feel they have to bring out the dye when their locks are getting a touch of the grey? The latest is Pierce Brosnan who has decided to do the decent thing and let his natural locks shine through. Is it vanity or simply a career choice in the belief that most casting directors or employers in general are after people with perfect heads of hair?

Other famous people who have dyed their hair include Tom Jones who has been dying his hair for about 40 years, but who recently also decided to go au naturel!It's not unusual to have grey hair at 68 but Tom Jones stopped dyeing his hair when he announced a new tour this week. You have to applaud those who eventually see the light and decide to grow old gracefully. I have to say that I personally like this new look and think it adds a touch of gravitas to his 68 years!

In the recent political turmoil that has seen Middle Eastern cities ablaze with protests and riots, we may have lost the chance to see if Mubarak was ever going to let his famously black locks go the same way as Pierce Brosnan and Tom Jones. Somehow we can only guess what he would look like without those famously pitch black and well-oiled hair follicles! Recent reports however say that Mubarak in his sick bed, shows symptoms of depression remaining bed-bound most of the day, and leaving his hair to grey. Oh! What a pity we can't see it!

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