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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Is a rose a rose by any other name? Or a sandwich?

Is a rose a rose by any other name? Or a sandwich? Well, not when it refers to a human being it seems. In fact, you have to marvel at how the media and sociologists love to come up with catchy names that we'll all remember. I guess this is because we have such short attention spans these days that we get this kind of thing. The latest is what have been called the "sandwich" and "club sandwich generations". Who sits down and thinks these things up?

"The newly identified group is being described as the “club sandwich” generation, as they will be called upon to support three layers of their family, one more than today’s so-called “sandwich generation” who put their children through school and university while also caring for their parents in retirement."

Don't know about you, but if I was nearing retirement and had a lifetime of service to others, and had raised a family too, I'd be unhappy at being referred to as a "club sandwich" kind of person!! Perhaps I'm just being too sensitive but it invites parallels with expressions like "a sandwich short of a picnic" if you know what I mean!

"This generation, the club sandwich generation, are taking on quite a lot, providing the care both to children and to older people that would otherwise have to be provided by the state."

Given that these people are the backbone of any society, shouldn't we be just a little bit more respectful?

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