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Friday, 5 November 2010

Fathers are happier when doing more housework, says study

Fathers are less stressed when sharing childcare and domestic chores, new research shows. This has to be something that most women around the world will be happy about. The fact that men are happy when they are home will also deal a blow to the feminist movement which has always asserted that men have little or no interest in staying at home, rearing children, and helping the woman with housework. Or maybe it’s a sign of the times and the fact that, finally, Feminists can claim their teachings have at last helped change the dynamics of home life to the benefit of the female.

“It will be music to the ears of working mothers everywhere: fathers are happier when they do more of the housework themselves, spend longer with their children and have working partners who are in the office just as long as they are, a major new study has found. The best way to de-stress a father is for his partner to share the weight of domestic burdens with him, rather than ironing his socks, making his breakfast and taking the lion's share of responsibility for the kids.”

Evidence was also found that social attitudes towards childcare are in a period of profound change: fewer fathers than mothers, for example, believe that it is a mother's job to look after children. "The problem is that although families are changing, this is – largely – being completely ignored by employers," added Gatrell.

As usual, companies are a huge step behind what society both wants and expects from its employers. Too often nowadays, employers have complete control over their workforce to the detriment of the family. Interestingly, this is less so in extended families or in countries where extended families thrive e.g. sub-Saharan Africa and parts of Asia.

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