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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Switzerland referendum on providing lawyers for animals

While I agree that animals are not always treated all that well either by their masters or other members of the family, I do think this is somewhat of a step too far when animals are given their own lawyers? WTF?

When so many people in the world are disenfranchised and don't even have access to a good lawyer or even enough food and water to drink, can any country really justify spending all that money on protecting the so-called rights of a furry animal no matter how cute and innocent it is?

This is yet another sign that the world is completely out of sync and that capitalism gone mad results in this uneven distribution of wealth! This is clearly a sign where a country has too much of a resource, in this case money, and is distributing it in a bizarre and haphazard way!

I mean, what good has ever come out of Switzerland? Cuckoo clocks, chocolate, cheese, cantons, Swiss bank accounts, and Natzi blood money! Someone should tell them to give that money to people who need it rather than spending it on such frivolous activities!

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