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Thursday, 14 January 2010

English lessons for 'Polish' dog? Get away!

We've all heard of the proverbial "shaggy dog story", but this dog went to a kennel and couldn't understand the staff-member's commands till they realised his original owners were Polish! So they had to speak to him in Polish! Where do they get these stories? (click on the link above in the title to read the article.)

Clearly perplexed the staff thought he was just deaf. But then they looked into his background and realised he had a Polish owner before, so they brushed up on Polish commands. Apparently, now four months on, they say Cent is now bilingual and ready for a new home. Um..maybe he'll become a TEFL teacher? Or maybe that should be a TPFL = Teaching Polish as a Foreign Language!

"When he came in he wasn't responding to the basic commands," said care assistant Karen Heath.

Here are the words they had to learn and their Polish equivalents:

Sit - siad
Come here - do mnie
Heel - noga
Stay - zostan
Fetch - aport

Maybe the dog is having the last though withthese handlers having to get to grips with the odd pronunciation,

"Obviously, maybe he's having a chuckle because were pronouncing it a bit wrong... but we've got to work alongside that to teach him the English versions of them as well."

You couldn't make this stuff up could you?

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