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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

US moves to ban 'excessively noisy' TV advertisements

Don't you just hate it when the advertisements come on and the volume goes up to the point where you stare at the TV in disgust? I have always hated this tactic by advertising companies and first noticed it a s small boy growing up in the UK which has one of the most sophisticated advertising platforms in the known world.

The article above (click on the title) goes a long way in explaining why this happens and is going for the jugular in trying to stop particularly offensive or strident ads.

"The US House of Representatives has approved a bill which aims to limit the volume of television advertisements." Sweet Jesus! Alleluia!! Now I know there is a God!! Thank you!

Just when you are relaxing in front of the TV watching your favourite programme, the ads come up and you nearly jump out of your seat at times. Still is especially noticeable when you are starting to doze off after a long day at work. But don't fret pet! Help is at hand.

"Under the rules, "excessively noisy or strident" advertisements would be banned, as would adverts which are noticeably louder - or have a "maximum loudness substantially higher" - than the programme they accompany."

It's bad enough having to be maniplulated in your job by your boss cos he or she wants you to work late; it's too bad too when you are asked by someone to work late and then when you et home ready to relax along comes meely-mouthed MacDonalds burgers, strident Sony Playstations, or Whacky Walmart wonder-goods, a company that has a total expenditure greater than the GDP of Sweden! When will they ever learn...we don't want to be manipulated any more. Thanks anyway!

""It's an annoying experience, and something really should be done about it," the AFP news agency quoted him as saying."

Amen brother!

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