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Monday, 2 November 2009

Nude totty..exhibitionism

Cambridge students in bikinis: the most depressing story of the week?

This story is laughable and written a real dyed -in-the-wool feminist who can't bear the thought that a woman who actually looks good in a swimsuit would want to show it just simply because she's Cambridge Uni student? What's the difference please? Isn't she still a woman? "If you prick me do I not bleed", as Shylock famously said in Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice"? Isn't there just a hint of double standards here, too?

You don't even have to look for a hint of upper class dissatisfaction or whining about how the suffragettes had fouhgt hard for female emancipation - it glares at you from the opening remarks!!

"These young women have not pulled this stunt for charity, nor does it have the joie de vivre of a student prank. As a gesture, it fails even to smell like teen spirit. Instead, it is a throwback to the most dreary Seventies cliché. Viewing these images, it is as if the world has regressed Life on Mars-style to a time when garages were littered with images of women posing on sports cars."

The corollary being that had it been a student prank they could have got away with it, but the fact that they want to be viewed as sexual beings (like the ordinary women that they are) seems to matter not a jot to the writer who, it seems is (contrary to her own assertions of "garages were littered with images of women posing on sports cars") like a throwback from the days when women burnt their bras as an act of not only defiance but female liberation.

Do I detect a slight hint of jealousy here? It's a bit like Germaine Greer, that most ardent of feminists and Guardian columnist calling a reporter that wrote something horrible about her, someone who "...wears "fuck me" shoes and has birds nest hair!"

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