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Friday, 6 November 2009

Boys from the hood?

Below is a really great paragraph from a great article on the hoodies that roam the streets of the UK bored and with little opportunity to make a good life for themselves! (Click on the link in the title to read the original article.)

Don't they just look like the grim reaper himself, with that hidden face not giving away any sign of how they're feeling or what they're thinking?

"If you go to these places, it's very grim," says Philo. "The culture of violence is real. But for the British media, it's simple – bad upbringing or just evil children. Their accounts of what happens are very partial and distorted, which pushes people towards much more rightwing positions. There's no proper social debate about what we can do about it. Obviously, not all young people in hoods are dangerous – most aren't – but the ones who are can be very dangerous, and writing about them sells papers because people are innately attracted to what's scary. That's how we survive as a species – our body and brain is attuned to focus on what is likely to kill us, because we're traditionally hunters and hunted."

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