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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Where's the fire? The phoenix?

Just when I think Obama can't surprise me any more, he goes and does it again. Just when you think it's all dead on done, along it comes in the news again like a "phoenix rising from the ashes". If you click on the link above, you read the article saying that Obama has declared a state of emergency because of the 1000th death at the hands of H1N1. However, you have to also ask yourself why the most powerful man in not only America, but the rest of the world, is talking about emergencies when just as many people die on roads in a typical week in the same country? Why then the "crisis mode" approach? The "situation room" stance? Why the focus on emotive and reactive words like "national emergency"?

For those who've read earlier blog entries by me, this is part of another hidden agenda - just another way of keeping the H1N1 thing in the news so that when the second wave of flu deaths occurs,they'll be able to get even more people to take the vaccines; chemicals that are largely untested and if anything like the Flu Epidemic of 1976, deadlier than not taking them at all. The primary lesson learned back then was that inaction to the flu outbreak really was better than action where the latter resulted in unnecessary deaths. If you don't believe me, read other posts from my blog which are referenced and read about how many doctors on both sides of the Atlantic have refused to not only administer the vaccine, but also refused to treat themselves or their families with it either.

One more thing, always be wary of governments when they decide to bypass normal regulation as evidenced in the following information from the article as above:

"However, the White House said that declaring an emergency was a largely precautionary step aimed at allowing medical officials to bypass certain federal regulations in the event of a genuine disaster."

How interesting! This is also significant:

"White House officials say the move was similar to precautions taken by coastal areas before a hurricane. "As a nation, we have prepared at all levels of government, and as individuals and communities, taking unprecedented steps to counter the emerging pandemic," Obama wrote in the declaration that he signed late on Friday night."

Isn't this eerily reminiscent of what happens in Naomi Klein's "Shock Doctrine" book? A major shock comes along (H1N1?) and while we are all busy dealing with the major event, certain things are taking place in government (bypassing certain laws?) in order to reinstate a new world order. You can think of it in Hegelian terms and how Hegel believed history advances i.e. in three stages like a syllogism:

thesis - causes of both world wars

Stage one: thesis possibilities:
- rise of excessive nationalism/fascism/communism
- rise of leaders like Hitler, Stalin & Mussolini
- all use expansionist tactics to invade weaker countries - war

Stage two: anti-thesis - UK, USA et al bind together, form pacts to fight the war:
- to fight fascism, communism -
- stop expansionism
- ultimately to stop these leaders

Stage three: syn- thesis - creation of pacts/agreements/international bodies:

- creation of European Union (single currency, ECHR)
- League of Nations (now NATO)
- creation of treaties e.g. Treaty of Rome, Treaty of Lisbon,

This was done so that we could all have Peace in Our Time as Mr. Chamberlain famously said. What's interesting is that when we reach the third part of the tripartite system, there is a new order created out of the ashes of the old one like our proverbial "phoenix rising from the ashes".

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