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Friday, 28 August 2009

What me! A Bully?

It's surely taking things too far when the biggest bully in the playground finally declares that "I have never bullied anybody in my life. It’s me who was bullied." Delusional would be a nice way to out it - hypocrisy would be more way accurate though.

This is a man who routinely sought revenge on anyone who disagreed with him while he was a primeminister of Thailand; who routinely expelled foreign journalists for having the gall, neigh, the temerity to impugn something the great man had a said; who routinely had beat, imprisoned, or killed, anyone even suspected of selling drugs in his so-called declaration that he would rid Thailand of all drugs within three months. Let's be honest - anyone who could make such an impossibly bold assertion needs a doctor not a playground protector. Oh yes, sorry I forgot, you are a doctor - of Forensics I believe. Then, in the words of a great philosopher - "Heal thyself!"

We haven't even mentioned the Tak Bai protesters of whom about 100+ were beaten, then rounded up in 36C + heat, herded onto a truck with tied hands behind their backs whereupon they all perished through suffocation while in Thai police custody.

So it comes as no small surprise to hear him say these words yesterday for anyone but a megalomaniac could actually get into a position of power (which as everyone knows requires considerable bullying and jockeying for position and a drink at the trough) and actually expect sane people to believe these sentiments.

The saddest part of this episode is that there are people in Thailand who have been sufficiently brainwashed (by the millions he stole from the country) into believing that Uncle Thaksin is a "good guy" and that all the millions of people (over 5 million at the last count) who signed the anti petition to say they disagreed with him getting a pardon from the king are completely wrong about this kind, benelovent, caring individual who now seeks our sympathy because he is the one who is actually being bullied!

Mr. Thaksin, you have your safe haven in Dubai so bully for you! I suggest you stay there and let Thailand be ruled by leaders less corrupt than you. After all, doesn't that make good business sense given that two thirds of Thai voters when asked said they didn't mind corrupt leaders as long as they did something for the country as well? You're a businessman so work it out! If you really want to do something for Thailand, stay away from the country.

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wanderer said...

Interesting comment especially since mr thaksin is from Chiang Mai