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Monday, 15 June 2009

I wouldn't sell that mob a virus...

Recently, I heard the manager of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson, remark that he "wouldn't sell that mob a virus" when referring to the possible sale of Ronaldo to Real Madrid. Whilst Ferguson was using the term in a pejorative way, he was using it in a sporting context although as we've recently seen, he did in fact sell the virus to Real Madrid as presumably did Inter Milan in selling Kaka to the same club.

However, it always used to be that when you heard the word virus, you immediately thought that some Trojan had infected your computer, and the worst case scenario was that you'd have to wipe your hard drive clean and reformat it. The fact is the word virus has taken on a whole new meaning and rarely been out of the news lately in one form or another, and I predict that it'll be used just as prolifically in the future.

A friend recently emailed me the following to which I replied.

Hi UrbanCrazyMan,

The world of viruses is a wild place. This is where we realise that we're not in control. Apparently, there are researchers trying to ascertain whether diabetes and other diseases are started by a virus, and then develop.
Like I said, they're gonna get us one way or another because we crowd together so much. We're not meant to do so, and neither are animals. The conservative opinion on the H1N1 is that it's the high volume, low quality of life, cramped-farm pig rearing that caused the virus to spread and then metastasise to the humans around them. I can believe that.

Achoo... I mean cheers

My reply:


I agree that the appalling cruelty e.g. battery farming and other unsavory aspects of so-called modern modes of food production have contributed to the growth but not origin of these viruses. I suspect darker forces at work I'm sorry to say.

We've unfortunately come to an era in human development where bombs and battlegrounds have shifted in a seismic way. Some clever people have realised that you can first control, then wipe out an entire generation of people through chemical as well as biological warfare. That's too scary to imagine! Now, instead of sendining off the troops to battle in huge numbers (only 4,000 US soldiers have died in this Iraqi conflict), the soldiers have become pharmacists and chemists controlling us with their poisons.

Although some people are silly enough to think that this locus of control somehow takes place in a similar arena of war like Saddam Hussein gassing the Kurds in the north of Iraq, when in fact it is something that lays itself out in every major city through vaccinations, and other supposedly healthful ways.

Who knows what is in your medicines when you go to get a flu jab, or inoculate your kid from TB? Rubella? Measles? Or when you get a Hep B, or C booster? A Diphtheria back up? Or a ten-year Tetanus jab?

The problem is that governments are too closely connected to drug companies and too intent on staying onto power to care about the likes of me and you. "It's all about the money, baby."

I read recently that the British government under Blair then Brown has become more authoritarianism than any of its previous leaders and many people are really pissed about it - the Identity Card scheme, the Xenophobic immigration policies, the cameras everywhere (more than anywhere else in the world!)

Because of the crisis in the banking sector, and the destabilisation of the global economy, governments have become largely redundant, or at least shown up to be incapable of protecting their populaces from this kind of disruption, and modern warfare, which is the basic element of human existence and is manipulated by them to continue to wield their hegemony over the rest of us!

In other words, ether they manipulated the Credit Crunch and global downturn to get a tighter control over us, or they saw it happen and decided to take advantage of it. Either way, for my money, they are a bunch of dangerous rogues but rogues who cannot be stopped.

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