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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Football stuff...

Here I am going to be adding my thoughts on football topics around the world from the English Premier League to the La Liga, The Bundersliga, Serie A, and others.

Is Ronaldo the wonderkid really worth 109 million US dollars?! Will Man Utd be able to hang on to him? He seems to have decided that he wants to (a) be the highest valued player in the transfer list ever and (b) prove it by playing against someone who many others believe is the best player in the world, Lionel Messi?

It'll be an interesting match up to see who steals the show on May 27th when The Champions Lague final is played between the two giants of world football - -Man Utd (the holders) and F C Barcelona.

Roanaldo's outburst when being taken off a couple of weeks ago in the derby game against City, underlies his immaturity and petulance, but Ferguson has dealt with his like before and will know exactly what to do as always!

There's also Teves - he's been outstanding for Man Utd this season and the fans love him, so why can't he get a contract like the others? He's right when it seems like his football talents are not respected enough by the club!

What's happening in Serie A? A breakaway club system like The Premier League? Or is it in Scotland (as well)?

I'm going to be analysing what the reaction will be by the bigger clubs being asked to put some of their money back into the game and how that might affect the system as it is in place there nowadays.

Watch this space as they say!

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