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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Who are the real Swines?

Am I the only one who is highly suspicious of the current pandemic? The fact that the swine virus seems to have come out of nowhere? Curious too that it comes right at the beginning of Obama's presidency like 9-11 did for George Bush? To scare the living bejesus out of us all like 9-11 did? Or just to sell more drugs and make the fat cats who are shareholders even richer than they already are?

To be honest, when I first heard about the swine flu in Mexico, my immediate reaction was that the US government was involved. However, if you wanted to (a) reduce the population or (b) provide a necessary demand for drug companies to sell more drugs, would you do it on your own doorstep? Where American citizens would be affected? Wouldn't you do it some place further from home? The acronym NIMBY springs to mind.

I am deeply distrustful of world governments these days although until I see real evidence, I remain sceptical that they could stoop this low e.g. to maintain control over their populations by such unsavoury means. I have heard about the fluoridation of the UK's drinking water and the negative effects. There are many other conspiracy theorists who believe that governments have for a long time been putting viruses into the vaccines and immunisation drugs currently on the market which have resulted in autism and many other birth defects. Is any of this true? Or are we so polarised nowadays after Bush's eight years of promoting a Politics of Fear?

In his 'Swine Flu Special 2009-04-25' Alex Jones, a fierce opponent of American politics, talk about the deadly swine flu outbreak and the early evidence that it may be a limited scope synthetic bio-attack to prepare the population for future major outbreaks and martial law -

However, in an article curiously entitled "World 'well prepared' for virus" I read the following:

"The WHO added that there was no evidence to suggest the outbreak was a bio-terrorist attack -

Of course there isn't because this will have been planned at the highest level of government where the real swines are. And if the drug companies are really that prepared for this virus how fortunate for them that a semblance of strains already known are present again as if by a miracle? People need to be much more vigilant about watching to see what their government is doing nowadays!

On a lighter note, the power of the internet is going to show these world governments what real 'people power' is!

This girl in Moldova sent a Twitter message from a cafe to a group of her friends asking them to meet in the city for an impromptu protest. When she arrived, 15,000 people were there such is the power of the internet!! Truly amazing! -


Hasan Shikoh said...

My question still remains, Urban Crazy Man. What exactly would constitute as evidence?

Urban Crazy Man said...

I used to be undecided, but now I'm in two minds about it.

No, seriously, even if evidence was produced, there's nothing I or you could do about it anyway.

The fact is, I don't believe that I will ever know for sure. I only act on my hunches and write about it on my blog and hope other people can share their own views.


Hasan Shikoh said...

Well, I'm doing an English lesson using a swine flu news item; and I will be using your opinion on the matter as just a side-reading of an opinion.

Happy? :-)

Urban Crazy Man said...

I have no objection Hasan. If you can use it in the classroom, then I'm all for some aspects of my blog being used for educational purposes.

Good luck with that!