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Thursday, 13 November 2008

A Pregnant what? A pregnant man? Get away!

Has anyone seen that guy who just had another baby today? Yes, he apparently already has one. Am I the only person to have never heard about it? exactly does that work? I'm no scientist, but I imagine he first needs to have a womb. Actually, our 'mom-to-be' or should that be 'mom-and-dad-to-be' is a transexual, or to give the out the proper term, 'transgender'. His name is Thomas Beatie, and what possessed him to do it is something of a mystery to me. If he was originally a woman, then the obvious question is why didn't he want to have a baby when he was a woman? In other words, why change your pyscho-sexual as well as physical gender, in order to keep your womb?

According to an ABC article ( 'Beatie said he shaves while resting his arm on his baby bump and may even consider having more children.' Yeah? Well I use my beer gut to shave so there you go! He even says, and this is the really funny part, 'It's My Right, Pregnant Man Tells Oprah.'

Something is definitely wrong with the world today. Don't get me wrong - I'm not homophobic, and I support gay & lesbian marriages, but there is something distinctly unwholesome about this, like giving pigs hearts to human patients with angina, or giving free NHS surgery of vaginal 'tucks' and labia corrective surgery to young women in order to make them feel good about themselves by having good looking, tight vaginas. Has the world gone mad?

Am I merely someone showing my age, or do other people think, like me, that this is really odd?

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cos67 aka costick67 aka cosine67 said...

nothing like a tight vagina, my friend. All things were once shocking, even prayer. We make off-colour jokes, we give them their rights, they try to piss us off by lording it over us when we're just trying to ignore them, then we move on to the next freakshow. Next, I say. NEXT! And you forgot hermaphrodite porn. Chix with dix.