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Monday, 3 November 2008

A Political Houdini?

Am I the only person to notice this? The political Houdini magic trick has almost been pulled off? Doesn't it seem weird how Bush has come onto the political landscape, spent the 3 trillion dollar surplus that Clinton left him on wars and degrading the American image abroad? That he deliberately engineered a crisis like 9/11 to scare the living daylights out of the American people (who lets face it, aren't the most politically savvy or worldly wise anyway given the staple diet offered to them by their media outlets).

And now, right at the end of his presidency, the economy is in crisis, markets up and down like a playground swing, the economy in freefall, and he just walks away into the sunset like a cowboy of the American past, his job done successfully? He told us we were either with him or against him and that he'd always get who he wanted, like it said on thsoe wanted posters, dead or alive. Well he sure got Sadaam Hussein but the other one seems to have eluded him yet now right at the end he doesn't even seem to be looking. Why?

An historian might say this was simply a failed presidency full of missed opportunities and poor decisions. Those more cynical might say it was a clear plan, hatched probably by Dick Chaney to steer the world towards Neo Conservative values. Who knows, maybe they engineered the whole thing - the entire presidency? The vast increase in oil revenues benefitted who exactly? Qui bono? The Saudias? The Bushes have been doing business with them for 30 years. Other oil rich countries? We will never know what secret deals have been done with others to maintain this myth of Osama Bin Laden. A man who lives in some of the harshest terrain in the mountains of Pakistan who, like Neitzshe's Ubermensch, Superman, comes down from the mountain to change the world.
And tomorrow we will be swapping Osama with Obama if the polls live up to their predictions. But what if the politicians have got together like in David Rothkoph's 'Superclass' book which has as its central premise that only about 5-6,000 people run the world from people like Bush, George Soros, Cheney, Rupert Murdoch et al and they engineer every aspect of our lives to suit their own purposes. Read up on the Council of Foreign Relations if you want to know more about the shady people he's talking about too as that organisation, many people believe, is a front for the kinds of people David Rothkoph is talking about.

Seems to me like Bush has done very well for himself; a recovering alcoholic, born again Christian. His faith now must be as unshakeable as the Tower of Babylon. He has seemingly got everything he wanted.


cos67 said...

Rock on Tommy. Cos 67

cos67 said...

Rock on Tommy Cos67